Research Fellow (Synthetic Biology)

Job Description

We are seeking highly motivated researchers to join our synthetic biology group at the National University of Singapore to develop next-generation optogenetic enabled genetic devices such as logic gates for a wide range of synthetic biology applications including biomanufacturing, biomaterials, and DNA data storage.

Optogenetic is an exciting emerging technology which exploits the unique properties of light for biotech applications. Our group @ NUS ( specializes in Synthetic Biology in which we engineer microbes with useful capabilities for biomedical and industrial applications and we are part SynCTI (the synthetic biology research program) at NUS (

Apply or find out more about the job openings at:


We are always on the look for talented researchers in the fields of synthetic biology, microbiology, molecular biology, engineering and computer science. Contact Professor Poh at [email protected] for further enquiries.

Graduate students

If you are interested in doing your PhD in our group, contact Professor Poh at [email protected] to enquire about reseach topics and funding opportunities.

Undergraduate students

You can join our lab as Final Year Project Student, among other ways. We also host the students participating in the annual iGEM competition. You can contact Professor Poh at [email protected] for more information.