NUS iGEM team does it again! Wins Gold and more at the 2019 iGEM Giant Jamboree

Our NUS iGEM team has showcased their project, known as LIVE, at the annual iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston USA (31st Oct to 4th Nov 2019) with outstanding results! iGEM is the world largest annual synthetic biology student competition, with over 340 teams participating from universities around the world. This was NUS's and Singapore's best ever showing, where the team not only clinched a Gold Medal for the project but also went on to win two special awards - the Best Foundational Advance Project and Best Part Collection Awards. Apart from this they were also nominated for the Best Poster, Presentation, Wiki, Basic Part, Composite Part and Finalist awards. They were among the top 5 teams out of 194 undergraduate teams which participated in the competition!

This year the NUS iGEM team came up with the project to develop innovative solutions to enable the prolonged functionality of engineered bacteria, addressing the current bottleneck which limits the use of engineered bacteria to solving real-life problems, from cleaning up our environment to diagnosing diseases. Inspired by the phenomenon of hibernation, the students developed a “ON/OFF” growth switch to allow for fine control of the activity and energy consumption of the bacteria, extending their usage and thus bringing it closer to viability. Working hard throughout the year, the team demonstrated that the growth switch worked!

The team comprised of 9 highly motivated undergraduates from different faculties and disciplines, including Life Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Architecture, working closely to achieve this outstanding results. The team was mentored by NUS faculty, Prof Poh Chueh Loo (BME), Prof Jimmy Chih-Hsien Peng (ECE), Prof Matthew Chang (Biochemistry) and Prof Yew Wen Shan (Biochemistry), along with past ex-NUS iGEMers and members at SynCTI. From left to right in the picture: Joanne Lim, Suhasini Iyer, Cheng Kai Lim, Sheena Chan, Low Xi Zhi, Song Chun Yang, Zhao Hao, Prof Jimmy Peng and Prof Poh Chueh Loo.

We are very proud of our NUS 2019 iGEM team for their outstanding work and for being sterling ambassadors of NUS. For more information about their project, please click here.

If you are inspired and want to know more about NUS iGEM team, please contact A/Prof Poh Chueh Loo at [email protected].

Brainstorming session in the NUS iGEM team!


The NUS iGEM team 2019 is now in full swing! Here you can see them after meeting Professor Paul Freemont after a very productive brainstorming session! More information can be found in their NUSGEM page.

Presentation of the new NUS iGEM team!


Here we have the NUSGEM iGEM 2019 team! Ready to learn the tools of the trade before getting to work on their project! More information can be found in their NUSGEM page.

Great performance of the NUSGEM iGEM 2018 team!

The NUSGEM iGEM 2018 team rocked at the iGEM 2018 competition! They not only obtained gold but also were nominated in the categories of Best Manufacturing Project, Best Hardware and Safety Security Commendation. You can see the results at the iGEM 2018 webpage.

iGEM Giant Jamboree 2018

On 24-28 October, the iGEM Giant Jamboree 2018 will take place in Boston. Check out what the iGEM teams have been working on! More information can be found at the iGEM web.